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Portfolio Archival, acidfree 300/400gsm

Portfolio Archival, acidfree 330/400gsm (152/185 lb.)    Light grey board, free of wooden fibres, acid-free,
pH 7,5-9,5, with an at least 2% alkaline buffer with calcium carbonate, no chlorine bleach,
ISO 16245 and 9706, DIN 6738.

The safety place for your important drawings, printings and photographies...
Made in Germany.

format DIN A5 DIN A4 DIN A3 DIN A2 DIN A2 + / 52 x 72 cm DIN A1
weight 300 gsm 300 gsm 400 gsm 330 gsm 330 gsm 330 gsm
No. 230500 230400 230300 230200 230220 230100
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