About us

Kunst & Papier

Driven by his passion for high-quality paper and book bindings, our company founder Andreas Tschernoch bound his own sketchbooks during his art studies. A side income quickly turned into a business: in 1990 he founded Kunst & Papier in Kassel. The origins of our family business – quality and reliability – still characterise Kunst & Papier today. Since 2024, his son Till Apel, has been carrying on the company in its second generation.


Our focus lies not on investing in marketing – but on high-quality papers and grammages as well as flexible book bindings with a flat opening. Additionally, sustainability is of high importance to us: We manufacture primarily in Germany and exclusively in the EU. This keeps transport routes short. We ship our sketchbooks Pasteboard Cover in overpacks made of paper and do not shrink-wrap them individually in foil.


The quality standards of our books, booklets and folders are valued by artists, architects and students alike – whether working professionally or at their leisure – in Europe, North America and parts of Asia.