About us

Kunst & Papier

In 1990 the artist Andreas Tschernoch started producing sketchbooks for his own needs as well as for his colleagues. Right from the beginning, emphasis was placed on high-quality paper and a flexible book binding, so that the books can be easily opened and laid flat. These qualities have remained the hallmark up to today and are the reason that Kunst & Papier quickly became a reliable supplier in Germany and abroad.

Today Kunst & Papier has five employees. Adequate storage enables the fast and reliable delivery to art supply retailers and wholesalers within Europe and North America.

Kunst & Papier provides sketchbooks and sketch booklets for dry and wet techniques in sizes from 4.1 x 5.8” to 17 x 12.6” landscape.

Our customers are professional artists, architects, academies, colleges, schools, and all creatives who value our high-quality products, whether working professionally or in their leisure time.